Winter Covers

2019 Pricing
Business closes for season 9/14/19 at 6pm

All orders must be placed by 9/11/19

Above Ground

Elite Plus Pricing
24' round = $TBD
18' round = $TBD


Elite Plus Pricing
18'x36' = $TBD
20'x40' = $TBD

Please call for other size/pricing

Leaf Nets

18'x36' = $TBD

24' Round = $TBD


Cover Repair Tape = $TBD/foot

Zippered Winter Solar Cover Blanket

Leave your solar cover and reel outside all winter

Up to 18' = $TBD

Up to 20' = $TBD

Call for other sizes and prices


Double Water Tubes 1'x8' = $TBD

4'x4' Air Pillows = $TBD

Pool Pillow Pal = $TBD

Anti-Freeze = $TBD

We also have (or can get) anything else you

need to close your pool.

Our delivery truck comes every Thursday.

2019 Pricing

Pricing subject to change without notice.